Thank you for joining us, this is the page that teaches you how to earn $50 or more weekly, so it is very imperative to read and follow the instructions given.

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This is the trick  , for each four persons you invite with your affiliate link that purchases our products that guarantees you $100 cash, they more four people you invite the more $100 you earn over and over again, most members earn up to $300 in a day because they wont stop bringing four people.

Remember : They more people you invite with your affiliate link, I mean real people not fake referrals but real humans then the more four $100 you earn over and over again, so , what are you waiting for ?
if I were you, I will never stop bringing four people because as long as you the more money lands  Gidigham directly in to your bank account daily!!!

In Affiliate marketing, you persevere or you perish. Quitting is the one sure way to fail. Striving is the key issue and guarantees massive wealth. if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and put on your thinking cap on!

Now spreading or sharing of your links on social media may not take you any way because people will see it as SCAM OR SPAM. The best form for marketing is conducting a seminar either online or physically! We will teach you what to do, firstly this is your networking links you can use any of them for marketing, you can use your referral code too, which ever one that is convenient for you


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You can create a group on facebook and name it Dollar4us, add a lot of people there, and those people will be feeding you with $100 every day 95% of the people here in Nigeria have $3 in their bank or purse but how do we get it out of their hand?
This is where marketing comes in ! The fact is that 99%  of winners in network marketing are those that dont give up, strive, persevere and you will win! This are the steps to take when promoting!

Firstly, kindly note this rule!

  1. Maintain one device and one browser (no changing of devices or browsers so that you wont lose your commission)
  2. Do not click on your link on your device or browser, this may result to loss of commission, only copy your link and give to your prospects
  3. people or prospects will always ask this initial questions “Do I have to refer before I earn?” when they ask you these, kindly let them know that they can bring in just two people daily or weekly and the system will take it from there
  4. Always be optimistic to your prospects
  5. If you want to register a prospect your self, use a different browser, since you register them, you will have to upgrade for them as well (this is not advisable, it is better to give your prospect your link or reservation code)

1   2   3   4 5


Once they ask you how, or more info, give them this post below

Those are liittle tips to follow, you can create yours and follow it,!

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