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You enjoy a free sale page on the website, as soon as vendor page is created, dollar4us will create a sale page for your products, with this, even though you don't have a website, Dollar4us will grant you a sale page, like a shop

Payment Terminal

You enjoy different payment terminal, Dollar4us will collects payment on your behalf, with this, no fraudulent transaction can be carried on your page. Dollar4us use highly security payment gateway like paystack, flutterwave and paypal

Forever Advert

 Enjoy Free Advertisement : Dollar4us spends thousands of dollars in promotion on the market place, with this you can relax while money keeps entering your account even as you sleep at home and cross your leg watching TV. your money keeps growing like grass.

Free Digital Delivery

Free Delivery for Digital product : You enjoy free delivery system orchestrated by Dollar4us, this way you are relaxed while Dollar4us handle delivery of your digital products to your diverse customers world wild 

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